How To Run Program Before Login Prompt Ubuntu

I recently installed a new server in my home office. I typically just leave my servers to run headless. But with an old monitor laying around and plenty of idle CPU time I decided to play a bit. I mounted the monitor to my office rack and then started to work.

Rather than just display the normal text login prompt, I wanted it to show something cool at boot. I started to dig around on the web and found this article. It quickly described how to run a program before the login prompt on Ubuntu 16.04+.

Run Your Program before login

So I wrote a simple script /root/ which would simply run cmatrix on the main (tty1) console. Once I exited cmatrix it would display the normal login prompt. The sample script is as follows:

/usr/bin/cmatrix -abs
exec /bin/login

I then edited the config file for getty@tty1 here (for Ubuntu 16.04+ only, not sure on other distrubutions):


I changed the contents to be:


and then I ran the following command to activate it:

systemctl daemon-reload; systemctl restart getty@tty1.service

After the change the system started to show the cmatrix terminal animation immediately. But once I quit the application it was back to the login prompt.

how to run a program before the login prompt - Cmatrix running on the console prior to the login prompt
CMATRIX running on the console

Getting tricky

After running cmatrix for a few days straight, I decided that I wanted to change it up a bit. So I made a few adjustments to the /root/ script to make it a bit more dynamic. With the following changes I was now able to display something different each time I used the command prompt.

 declare -a arr=("/usr/bin/cmatrix -abs" "/snap/bin/asciiquarium" "/usr/sbin/iftop" "/usr/bin/htop")
 index=$(($RANDOM % $size))
 eval "${arr[$index]}"
 exec /bin/login 

These changes told the script to randomly choose either, cmatrix, asciiquarium, iftop, or htop and execute it. Then as before once I quit the application that was randomly executed it would again display the login prompt. My kids got way to excited when asciiquarium was chosen and had to watch the fish swim by. This solution worked for a while, but eventually I got tired of having to change the displayed program manually. So I started playing with options to automate the program change.

Automating the switch

These changes got a bit trickier. The script had to track the application PID so it could kill it when the timeout was reached. After trying several different methods I finally ran across this basic method for timing out a process. And the process isn’t perfect, but it does rotate through the different options on a ten minute interval. So that works, but the exiting to the login prompt doesn’t. So it’s only most of the way there. Here is my current /root/ script:

declare -a arr=("/usr/bin/cmatrix -abs" "/snap/bin/asciiquarium" "/usr/sbin/iftop" "/usr/bin/cacafire")
while [ $continue -eq 1 ]
index=$(($RANDOM % $size))
eval "${arr[$index]} &"

 ((t = timeout))
     while ((t > 0)); do
         sleep 1
         kill -0 $cmdpid || exit 0
         ((t -= interval))

 echo $exit_status > ext.txt 
 if [[ $exit_status -ne 1 ]]; then
 kill -s SIGTERM $cmdpid && kill -0 $cmdpid || exit 0
 sleep 1
 #kill -s SIGKILL $cmdpid
 exec /bin/login 

So this script accomplishes the switching of applications on the primary console. And I was able to add cacafire to the mix for a nice colored ascii fire animation. But if I have to use the console for the login, I will have to hit ctrl-alt-F2 and switch over to tty2. That won’t be the end of the world, lol. And in the meantime I have some fun console effects to keep my office interesting.

how to run a program before the login prompt - Cacafire running on the console prior to the login prompt
CACAFIRE running on the console

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